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Krista Eaton: Lives in Scottsdale Arizona

Krista was born in 1977, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Krista studied at Emily Carr and the Federation of Canadian Artists and is currently at the Scottsdale Artists School. Studied with Daniel Keys, Mike Svob, Joni Falk, and Nicoletta Baumeister.

Krista has had many solo exhibitions including the Government of Canada Library in West Vancouver, BC.

She has sold to many Canadian collectors as well as international. Krista is currently teaching at the Scottsdale Artists’ School and living in Scottsdale painting in her studio daily.

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Online Painting Classes

Join me on Patreon.  My online classes are perfect for those artists or art explorers that want to learn at their own pace whenever they want. Students will gain experience and knowledge from online lessons and have access to a private Facebook page to share and have a special critique of their paintings. 

Image by Jisca Lucia


C. McDonald

It's a great thing! Especially the fact we can replay the lessons afterwards, and Krista is so good at answering our questions as well. I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I have enjoyed the class!

M. Robson

There are artists that paint well and artists that teach well. Krista Eaton is great at both. Her online classes are easy to follow along as each step is very well explained.

E. Smith

Krista is such an encouraging and good teacher.  I've learned so much.